Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watch The Cleaner

A junkie who survived, made it out, made it through and is now helping other addicts get clean. Yes, it's only an A&E television series, but it's based on the stories of a real man who helps produce the shows. It is not always a show of happy endings and recovery wrapped up in a bow. I like this because it's real. Of course, I wish happy endings for every addict that tries to crawl out, but damn if we don't have to roll down a lot of hills before standing up. This show is good. Check it out. Warning though, if you are sensitive to seeing paraphernalia and using then make sure you're in a safe place to watch it. Addiction has embedded cues so part of recovery is identifying them and being proactive against the triggers.

The second season starts on Tuesday, the 23rd, but you can also catch up online.

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