Friday, June 19, 2009

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Addiction comes in many forms. Often hand in hand with addiction comes judgment and many other social constructs and emotions. In this blog I'll be exploring many of these things and more. There will be focus on specific drugs and how they affect the brain, but there will never be any pictures of drugs or paraphernalia. While this is an educational and informative site it is a personal belief that the repeated showing of drugs on so many websites do more harm than good. Seeing a picture of cocaine, a meth pipe or a syringe is a violent trigger for many addicts no matter how much time clean we have, so making a blog that is welcoming is a top goal of mine.

If you ever have any questions or a particular topic that you want to hear more about, please comment on any of the posts. I do not yet have an email set up to take "addiction requests", but I want to know what you want to learn. I believe the way out of addiction is through education although even the most educated people continue to use drugs. Education in the form of college and school is not the type of "smarts" it takes to stop or prevent drug use. Relapse prevention at its best will still produce people who keep using drugs, and that is alright. We just try harder. Learning how to educate about addiction without triggering addicts is tricky because someone will be always be triggered.

So, welcome. I'll be getting this page up and running, re-sorting the layout, and getting information on here. Thanks for stopping by.


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