Saturday, September 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction Recovery

Getting addicted to crystal meth is an easy thing to do.  Oftentimes, there are people who find themselves addicted and they do not even realize it.  Crystal meth denial is strong, but it can be broken through if you know what to look for or if you get help.  This happens to both genders as well as a variety of ages.  A lot of users attempt to quit crystal methamphetamine, but they do not know what is in store for them.  Because of the grip that crystal has on the brain it will cause strange side effects during withdrawal.  Although crystal meth withdrawal is different for everyone there is usually an extreme fatigue that occurs as well as a depression.  If you have someone close to you who has recently quit using meth then getting educated about what is going on for them is helpful.  It is also helpful if the meth addict is able to get info themselves. 

Whether you go to treatment or have stopped using crystal on your own, it is helpful to know what to expect over time.  You can also learn how to stay clean after quitting crystal meth, other than the advice of "hey, go to a meeting".  There is hope after using crystal meth.  It might take a long time depending on how much you were using or the people that you were around because often meth comes with violence.  If you are experiencing nightmares, flashbacks to bad events, or an increased startle reflex (jump out of your chair when someone walks in the room), then you should consider talking to a counselor.   Just always remember that there is hope and over time your brain will normalize.  Eating right, sleeping, avoiding alcohol, and other things can help the process.  Reading some information on assertiveness can also help your recovery.  If you can learn how to be assertive and maintain boundaries then you will have a better shot at staying clean.

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