Monday, June 29, 2009

The Truth About Strawberry Quick Crystal Meth (For Your Kids)

Strong warnings about Strawberry Quick, also known as Strawberry Meth, began in 2007 and spread fast over the internet and television. The warnings reported drug dealers are manufacturing a new type of crystal methamphetamine that specifically targets children. The warning was revamped and sent out as a Halloween scare.

Crystal methamphetamine is a dangerous, and highly addictive stimulant drug that is referred to as meth, ice, crystal, glass, speed, etc. Methamphetamine use is devastating and causes damage to the user, families, friends, and can have severe societal repercussions.

Strawberry Quick Meth gets the name from Strawberry Quik, the pink powdered flavoring that can be added to milk for a strawberry flavor. The supposed strawberry meth is reported to look like Pop Rocks candy, which makes it appealing to kids. This form of crystal methamphetamine is a hoax. It does not exist. Warnings spread like wildfire that the evil drug dealers are now trying to lure kids with candy flavored meth. There is no strawberry quick methamphetamine.

However, drug dealers and manufacturers do sometimes make their crystal methamphetamine with a color to it. Sometimes this is a dealer trying to "label" or brand his or her product or it can be a manufacturing mistake. Therefore, it is true that dealers or makers may add something like color to their product, but not to unwittingly hook kids by making them think it's candy. Color can be the same marketing strategy as the type of wrapping or baggy. Besides, I don't think there is anything you can do to mask the taste of meth as it's very bitter and disgusting.

Although this meth is a myth, methamphetamine is still a very dangerous threat to everyone. There is no immunity to addiction. It is extremely important to talk to kids about dealing with peer pressure, coping strategies, and making responsible decisions about the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Could someone have some of this meth that appears to look like candy and offer it to a child? Sure, just like someone might offer your kid a beer, marijuana, or pills.

This scare also reinforces the concept of not taking candy from strangers. As simple as it seems, this is still a tactic used by many child molesters and kidnappers. It's very important to educate kids to avoid taking candy or drinks from people that they do not know.

From the Join Together website: "Experts say that there's a real possibility that local police are confusing colored meth -- which is relatively common -- with flavored meth. Tom McNamara, a meth trainer and special-projects coordinator for the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force Group, told Join Together that meth made from Sudafed or some generic versions of the drug will have a light-pink color because of the dye used in the pills. Moreover, he said, meth made from anhydrous ammonia treated with GloTell -- a chemical marker designed to discourage thefts -- will be bright pink. The drug also can appear greenish or blue."

EDIT on February 6, 2010: In a recent unpublished comment, I was accused of being a drug dealer posting inaccurate information. Please, read this article carefully as well as the rest of the website. This site is geared toward the ACCURATE education of people about addiction.


Anonymous said...

IF strawberry meth does not exist, why are there pictures of it all over the web?? Why is there flavored meth to begin with? I work in addictions and do not put it past dealers and manufactureres that this drug would not be created. And to top all this off how do you know what meth tastes like? and how do you know that strawberry quik cant cover the taste if there is enough used? how does everybody know that this "blog" isnt being used as a form of protection for the people that are making the stuff right there in their own back yard??

Anonymous said...

This article is a great summary of the strawberry meth myth

david garnia said...

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Anonymous said...

Strawberry Quick did exist. I know for a fact .seen. And used it

JP said...

I have no doubt that crystal meth's color can be altered. I've seen blue ice. The main point of the article is refuting the idea that this STRAWBERRY meth was a ploy to capture children in addiction. Don't get me wrong. I do believe that there are some sick, twisted people out there and I also know that turning others onto drugs is a thing. I think it's fucked up.