Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Are crystal meth and methadone the same drug?

No. Crystal meth and methadone are not the same drug, but it is a very common misconception. This misconception is very dangerous. In fact, they are nearly opposite of each other. Crystal meth is a strong stimulant. Other names for crystal meth are ice, crank, speed, shit, tweak, glass, tina, g, and I'm sure many other slang name.

Methadone is a nartoctic pain medication that is in an opioid. Methadone is a very effective pain medication, but is most commonly known for it's use to treat recovering heroin (and other opiates) addicts. This treatment is called methadone maintenance and it is only used to treat opiate addiction.

It is the term "meth" that confuses people who are not familiar with drug terminology. But just because the preface of the word is the same does not mean that they are the same drug. Methadone is not used to treat crystal meth addicts. It is only for opiate addicts. People that talk about using methadone maintenance to get off of crystal meth are either co-addicted to opiates like heroin, Vicodin, Oxycontin, or Percocet, or they are going to a methadone clinic that does not follow its rule. Most likely it is a person lying.

So, please remember that crystal meth and methadone are not the same drug. They are in completely different classes and you should correct anyone making the mistake of thinking they are the same.


Chiropractic Marketing said...
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Chiropractic Marketing said...

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lolee71 said...

I have just started going to a methadone clinic for meth addiction. I'm not and never have been addicted to any type of pain pills or heron. I've been a meth addict for 23 years all of which I've used intravenously. I took my first dose of methadone Thursday and slept about 30 hrs straight. I couldn't even get up Friday morning to go get my second dose. After reading this page I'm very confused. Why would a Dr put me on methadone for treatment of meth addiction if it's not approved? I am supposed to go at 7am tomorrow to get another dose and I am dreading it bc I hate the way it makes me feel. But I have to say as a daily meth user I have not used at all today and I am not feeling the vibrating/electricity feeling I get in my bones usually 45 min-1hr after I wake up every day.

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